The VP and director of Sales and Acquisition of Inter Medya shared her balance of Mipcom and anticipated what is to come from the distributor in MipCancun

*with production by Ana Paula Carreira, from Cannes, France

The creation of a specific catalog for miniseries and content designed -but not exclusive- for streaming platforms, called “New Generation of Turkish Series”, was an innovation by Inter Medya that has worked very well, as the offer of titles keep on growing.

“At Mipcom we are presenting eleven titles from our New Generation Turkish Series catalog, which are shorter, sexier, faster series, and there has been very good acceptance in this market for this products,” explained Beatriz Cea Okan, VP and director of Sales and Acquisition of Inter Medya. “We have been presenting the catalog for a while now, and there is more and more acceptance.”

Within the New Generation of Turkish Series you can find titles such as Respect, Naked or Interrupted, to name just a few.

The distributor continues, of course, to offer some of the most important Turkish dramas on the market, and at Mipcom it made a special presentation for one of them: The Ivy.

At the same time, its co-production strategy is making it a leading player when it comes to international work between Turkey and the American continents.

“We are presenting our co-production with Caracol Televisión, Leylifer,” said Cea Okan. “We are presenting it worldwide and, for Latin America, it will be showcased at MipCancun.”

Leylifer tells the story of a young Colombian woman living in Spain whose life takes a turn when, on a trip to Istanbul, her Turkish husband disappears and is later found dead. The 120-episode series stars Cuban-American actress Camila Duarte and Turkish actors Can Verel and Pervin Balcı.

“In Cancun we will be doing a Leylifer screening and we will have some more surprise products,” shared the executive.

The company led by Can Okan also has an important catalog of feature films, with titles such as Sayara by Can Evrenol, and at Mipcom it debuted an important catalog of long-standing formats, full of colorful content ranging from dating shows and cooking shows to reality shows and game shows.