The world’s first gaming talent show, produced by Gestmusic (Banijay) and Webedia, registered over 6.7 million live views across Twitch, YouTube and on Atresmedia’s digital channels.

Reflecting new forms of youth entertainment, Top Gamers Academy brings the world of videogames closer to the general public through an innovative and unprecedented worldwide project combining training, competition and lots of fun with videogames as the common thread.

Behind the world’s first gaming talent show are Banijay Iberia’s label, Gestmusic, responsible for formats that have transformed television in recent decades such as Your Face Sounds Familiar, which first launched in 2011 and has since been sold to 40 territories, including the US, the UK, China, and all over Europe, Latin America and Asia; and Webedia, a unique global network of media brands, talent, events and services, dedicated to a passionate audience for digital entertainment.

For the first time, reality and gaming come together to create the first competitive video game format designed for all audiences, with leading global YouTubers: Rubius, Willyrex and Grefg. TGA features a live primetime television programme on Sundays on Neox (Atresmedia’s leading thematic channel among millennials), as well as a daily summary of the contestants’ lives within the academy and their evolution as people and gamers.

The programme has a strong digital presence and 1,200 hours of livestreaming across Twitch, Youtube and on Atresmedia’s digital channels (Flooxer, Atresplayer Premium). The Youtube and Twitch channels already have 364k followers, +100k compared to last week. In the first week of live broadcasting on both, an average of 6.7 million views was accumulated and exceeded 850,000 average daily views.

More than 1 million viewers followed the Twitch channel during the first week of live broadcast, and it exceeded, in one week, 4.5 million views, of which 37% came from outside Spain. On YouTube, live and on-demand views exceeded 4.5 million in the first week of broadcast, of which 60% came from outside Spain.

Data on social networks grew exponentially. The Twitch platform grew 43% compared to the previous week and has already accumulated 233k followers. YouTube is the platform that gathers the most followers from outside Spain and obtained a growth of 25% compared to the previous week, adding 131k followers. Instagram growth in one week was 12%, with 120k followers and 8.5 million impressions (+26%), while on Twitter it was 20% with 30k followers and 7.8 million impressions. On TikTok, growth in one week was 58% with 70k followers and 1.1 million views.

Likewise, the daily hashtag with which users can comment on everything that happens on the 24h channel is also among the top national trends on Twitter.

Top Gamers Academy (TGA), is the world’s first gaming reality-talent show produced by Gestmusic (a Banijay Company) and Webedia Spain, which has PlayStation Spain, Atresmedia and OSL DeAPlaneta as strategic allies, as well as Nestlé, SuperCell, PepsiCo, Bershka, Logitech G, Trust Gaming and Nerf as sponsors.