The Polish Government gave the green light for the return of audiovisual production, starting on Monday, May 18.

The return of audiovisual filming continues to add territories, with the Polish Government’s announcement now to allow its reactivation starting next Monday, May 18.

With a 30% tax incentive, Poland has recently become a filming set for various international productions, such as The Woods (Netflix) or the film The Turncoat.

With this measure, productions like Jonathan Glazer’s The Zone of Interest can now return.

Poland thus joins countries such as South Korea, the Czech Republic and New Zealand, which have already announced the return of audiovisual production. In the UK, protocols are also being worked on for filming to begin again.

Iceland, meanwhile, one of the first countries in the world to resume filming, now announced that from June 15 it will allow international talents, teams and technicians to enter the country.

Furthermore, it was decided that instead of a mandatory 14-day quarantine, travelers could enter the country simply by taking a test.

In the Hispanic world, lastly, as of this Monday, some regions of Spain such as Andalusia will allow filming, while Uruguay became the first country in Latin America to approve its return.