The title’s third season premiered with great success in Turkey, with its first episode netting a share of 17,17%.

ATV’s For My Family returned with its third season last Saturday (September 3rd), with great success. Its first episode received 17,17% of the primetime share.

The local success of the show has fueled another one on the international market, where the title has been sold to more than 50 countries.

The lastest to add For My Family are Kazakhstan, Lebanon, Romania and Ecuador, where RTL acquired its first two seasons.

The series is on air in Russia, Macedonia, Spain, Peru, Chile, Bosnia, Crotia, Hungary and Uzbekistan.

For My Family  tells the story of Kadir, Omer, Asiye, and Emel, four siblings who are orphaned after losing their mother and father on the same day under mysterious circumstances. After this painful loss and not having any relative to take care of them, they must leave their home and are forced to live in deep poverty.