The Spanish media revealed that Atresmedia acquired the rights to adapt the successful Banijay format.

Considered one of the fastest growing formats in recent months, LEGO Masters has just added a new international screen: Spain.

That, at least, is what the Spanish platform Bluper revealed, announcing that Atresmedia acquired the rights to adapt the format.

If confirmed, Atresmedia will join the increasingly long list of international broadcasters that are betting on the Banijay format.

Born on Channel 4 in the UK, the format was first adapted in the US by Fox, which has already renewed it for a second season. Its rights, meanwhile, were sold to Mexico, France and recently Denmark and Finland.

Other territories that have already acquired or adapted the format are Australia, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Sweden and Poland.

LEGO Masters was created by Tuesday’s Child Productions and The LEGO Group and offers a classic Lego game competition that combines creativity, design, dexterity as well as humor, action and drama.

Take on hobbyists in a competition that starts with a single LEGO brick and endless possibilities to culminate with impressive constructions that are sure to inspire legions of loyal LEGO fans and captivate the imaginations of new fans.