The original Atresmedia series, filmed in over 120 locations in Spain and Colombia, will premiere “very soon” on the Spanish network, which has already presented its promotional posters.

Antena 3 announced it will premiere its new prime time series, Perdida, “very soon”. The new original Atresmedia series will become the first fiction launch of the year for the broadcast network.

In addition, the fiction produced by Big Bang Media (Mediapro) will also be available on Atresplayer Premium, the group’s new SVOD platform, which will also premiere La valla.

Perdida is an emotional thriller that tells the journey of a father who will do the unspeakable to discover what happened to his daughter.

The plot is developed between Spain and Colombia, and filming has been carried out entirely in natural exteriors and interiors, with more than 120 different locations.

Perdida has been created by Natxo López, from the original story of Ruth García and David Oliva. Sonia Martínez and Alberto Carullo are the executive producers, while Juanma Manzanares and Natxo López act as executive co-producers.

The series is directed by Iñaki Peñafiel, David Ulloa and Rafa Montesinos, and has had the development of scripts with Natxo López, Almudena Ocaña, Aurora Graciá, Carlos de Pando and Mikel Barón.

Daniel Grao is the main protagonist of the story, along with Adriana Paz, Ana María Orozco, Carolina Lapausa, Fernando Solorzano, Melani Olivares and Verónica Velásques, who lead a cast that exceeds a hundred actors, from Spain, Colombia, Mexico or Cuba, like Jon Arias, Luis Miguel Hurtado, Juan Carlos Messier, Pedro Suárez, María del Rosario Barreto, David Trejos or Mario Bolaños, among others.