The Mexican Amazon Original series, created by brothers Emiliano and Sebastián Zurita, was renewed for a second and third season.

Following the success of the first season of Cómo sobrevivir soltero, which premiered on Amazon Prime Video in June 2020, the successful series created by brothers Emiliano and Sebastián Zurita has been renewed for two more seasons.

The filming of the second season has already started. The series is produced by Campanario Entertainment and Addiction House, distributed by Sony Pictures Television.

“We are proud to announce the arrival of two more seasons of this hilarious romantic comedy and to continue working hand in hand with Campanario Entertainment and the talented brothers Emiliano and Sebastián Zurita. We are confident that our Amazon Prime Video members will enjoy them very much,” said Javiera Balmaceda, who heads the Original Content for Latin America team for Spanish Speaking at Amazon Studios.

“We are very excited to continue the story of Sebastián and his group of friends with two more seasons of How to survive single,” said Emiliano Zurita, who in addition to being the creator, plays an alter ego of himself as the protagonist of the story.

“We have really enjoyed the growth process of this series, along with all the talented team behind it, and in the following seasons we will continue to address issues of romance today, with this ironic touch and black humor, but without losing the moments real behind the story of each of the characters,” said Sebastián Zurita.

“Campanario prides itself on working with a team of true and authentic creators and we couldn’t be more excited to once again be working with the best comedy talent in Mexico,” added Diana Mejia-Jones, VP of Spanish Development and Integrated Marketing for Campanario Entertainment.

The main cast is back, made up of Sebastián Zurita as Sebastián Ybarra, Tato Alexander as Fabiana, Octavio Hinojosa as Gonzo, Lucía Gómez-Robledo as Mafer, Fabrizio Santini as Fish, Pamela Almanza as Lucía and Roberto Flores as Daniel. They will be joined by guest stars including surprises to be revealed later.

Cómo sobrevivir soltero was created by Sebastián and Emiliano Zurita. The showrunner and main writer is Marcos Bucay (Club de Cuervos) and has the direction of Noé Santillán, Marcos Bucay, Sebastián Zurita and Emiliano Zurita.

The executive producers are Jaime Dávila, Diana Mejía-Jones, Wendy Cortez and Rico Martínez from Campanario Entertainment and Ricardo Gaspar de Alba, Sebastián Zurita and Emiliano Zurita from Addiction House.


In the second season we will follow the life of actor Sebastián Ybarra (Sebastián Zurita) who is finally trying to enjoy the single life, although deep down he is still a romantic. His career as an actor and now a director includes even more obstacles than before, including the ego of one of Mexico’s most famous actors. Trying to find a balance between his work and his love life, Sebastian will realize that even if you do your best to make it all work, life will never stop hitting you.

His friends will accompany him on his adventures, some becoming fruit gurus, others re-encountering his inner “chavo ruco” and why not? also finding love. Everyone will try to stay afloat in this world of modern relationships, which seems to be more complicated than they thought since surviving single is an art that few and few can masterfully execute.