On May 1st, the platform will premiere Una vuelta al sol, a documentary about Spanish singer Amaia Una, which was produced by Universal Music Spain and directed by Marc Pujolar (Vampire Films).

Amazon Prime Video made the surprise announcement of the May 1st premiere of the documentary Una vuelta al sol, produced by Universal Music Spain and directed by Marc Pujolar (Vampire Films).

Focused on Spanish singer Amaia, this is a new original Spanish production for the platform, which will be seen as an Amazon Exclusive.

It shows Amaia’s experiences and reflections during the process of creating her first album (Pero no pasa nada, 2019) and the development of a concert tour.

“A one-year journey, which takes Amaia from New York to Buenos Aires, while combining her piano studies with the challenges and fears of a new independent life in Barcelona. A strange new life”, the platform said.

Winner of Operación Triunfo 2017, the Navarrese singer saw her life change radically after her stint on the TVE talent show, in which she became a true phenomenon in Spain.

“The reality that she faced from February 5, 2018 was totally overwhelming for the young artist from Navarra who entered as Amaia Romero and left as Amaia from Spain. Amaia assimilated that new reality, she faced the elements to be able to offer the most awaited album, the album she wanted, becoming the best-selling and most listened-to to album in Spain in its premiere week”.

“Amaia’s bravery also took to the stages of the 2019 Summer Festivals where critics and fans could see that, yes, this girl really is a gem,” they added.