All-In-One: Inside TTV+

TTV Media Group unveiled new details about its new TTV+ platform, which seeks to become a referent for the industry by combining networking, a marketplace, live events and editorial content.

After announcing the launch of TTV+, TTV Media Group is now revealing new details about its highly-anticipated networking and content distribution platform, which will be launched in the international market in the upcoming weeks.

TTV+ combines a robust and intuitive interface, with different tools and sections under an “All-in-one” strategy.

The platform will have a virtual marketplace available 24/7 that will have content from more than 500 international distributors.

Users will also have access to live streaming possibilities for presentations, showcases, conferences and live events.

Within this framework, the platform also allows one-to-one meetings. Through video, chat or messages, TTV+ is specially designed to connect buyers, distributors and producers in a simple, intuitive and robust interface.

And all this, in addition to the best of TTV Media’s editorial products, which will launch within the framework of TTV+, offering special reports, case studies, reports on consumption and trends, and a new and renewed digital magazine.