The company has more than a dozen formats available throughout Latin America, most of which are products that have already had international success and have good projections of success for the region.

*By Luis Cabrera and Fernando Moreno, from Los Angeles

The reality show Married at First Sight dispelled any prejudices some companies may have had about this dating format, which proposes marrying a person you have just met. The Kinetic Content production, distributed by Red Arrow International, landed in Mexico with great success and promises to continue advancing throughout Latin America.

This was commented on by ttvnews by Zasha Robles, CEO of Spiral International, during LA Screenings, an event to which they have brought a series of non-scripted projects that have been very successful in the international market. They hope to continue this success in Latin America.

“Red Arrow’s catalog within the non-scripted world is extremely broad. Over the years, we have worked with American production companies, among them Kinetic Content, who are the creators of Love is Blind and Married at First Sight, which have more than 20 seasons in the U.S. with these formats and are formats that have proven to be successful throughout the world,” said Robles.

With the launch of Married at First Sight in Mexico, Red Arrow learned a lot. “We had a preconception for almost ten years that we were not going to find people who wanted to find love and that they wanted to get married on the first day and then see if they could go on and create a couple. That preconception was proven wrong, that is, after so much concern from the channels that this was not going to work, the project was launched in Mexico, and we had a vast number of participants,” the executive pointed out.

Dating formats are still in force, and for the company, it was striking that many people are looking to get married, have a partner, and start a family. “The format and the social experiment worked because of all the couples that participated in the project; two of them stayed together,” said Robles.

Spiral International’s CEO mentioned that like this product, there are at least a dozen titles that they are taking throughout the territory. “With Fabiola Flores who is based in Mexico and is in charge of the positioning of these contents, she has managed to place an endless number of formats in almost all territories in the region, in Colombia, Argentina, etc”, concluded Robles.