The new series, Aislados,un documental en cuarentena, directed by Luisito Comunica and Juanpa Zurita.

YouTube Originals released a new original Mexican production on Tuesday: Aislados, un documental en cuarentena.

It is directed and starred by YouTubers Luisito Comunica and Juanpa Zurita and was produced in collaboration with Youtube Originals and DW Entertainment and Media.

A documentary series of four episodes, it’s produced in full confinement and within the isolation that the coronavirus imposed worldwide.

The series thus portrays what has happened in recent months, combining it with testimonies from health specialists, researchers and the experiences of other content creators such as Casey Neistat, Sebas Villalobos, Kevsho, Mica Suárez and Wendy Sulca.

It can be seen for free from the channels of the two creators: the first and third episodes will be available on Luisito Comunica’s channel, while the second and fourth on Juanpa Zurita’s.

The new series follows the same line of original productions promoted by YouTube, which decided to move away from scripted content to bet more on productions made by youtubers.

“Personally, it was a big challenge to make a documentary that constantly tests me and demanded a level of work that I had never experienced before. Orstrating a team of this size and having everything revolve around your vision was extraordinary,” Zurita wrote on his Instagram account.