Caracol Television announced that, following its finale, Elif will be replaced by another Turkish drama: Wounded Birds, also distributed by Eccho Rights.

Now in the final countdown for the finale of its fifth and final season, Caracol Television will see the end of one of the most successful Turkish series of all time: Elif.

So the network has already started promoting the series’ finale and announcing its successor: Wounded Birds.

Also distributed by Eccho Rights, Wounded Birds is produced by Stellar Yapim for Kanal D, and premiered in Turkey in 2019.

The drama is described by Eccho Rights as Elif‘s ideal successor, as it shares DNA with that series: it stars a child and was created by İnci Gülen, creator of Elif herself.

“Wounded Birds is Elif‘s successor. It comes from the same executive producer. It has the same values and we assume that many of the clients who finish Elif opt for this title. Elif is in most territories in its fourth or fifth season, therefore I think this is the safest option to continue with the same slot,” Barbora Suster, Sales Director of Eccho Rights for Latin America and Iberia, told ttvnews.

Announced in Colombia with the name Omer, sueños robados, Wounded Birds tells the story of two orphans who escape the man who raised them in the streets, while trying to have a new life in Istanbul. In this city, both face many dangers, but also find new opportunities.

Caracol is the first broadcaster in Latin America to announce the acquisition of the series.