William Shatner Faces the Unexplained with A+E

The mythical Star Trek actor was present at Mipcom to promote its new show, The UnXplained. In an interview with ttvnews, he offered details about the new mystery series, distributed internationally by A+E Networks International.

Premiered this year on History in the US, new series The UnXplained was launched internationally last week at Mipcom with the presence of non other than mythical William Shatner.

The Star Trek actor is the host and executive producer of the series, which seeks to explain mysteries from around the world and is distributed by A+E Networks International.

“The UnXplained is a one-hour show that examines events so mysterious that they don’t seem to have an explanation,” he said to ttvnews.

Produced by Prometheus Entertainment (producer known for the series Ancient Aliens), The UnXplained has one eight-episode season.

“But after its premiere, it was suddenly very popular in the US, everyone was watching it. And from A+E, who initially had commissioned only eight episodes, they asked us to do 20 more,” he said.

“So the first season will have 28 hours. And we are already in negotiations for a second one,” Shatner said, revealing that new episodes are now in production.

In each one, he explained, the show presents “between three and four mysteries” from around the world.

“We could talk about, for instance, a mysterious forest in Japan that people go to die, which suggests areas in the world that seem to connect to bad things. Or the mystery of the inhabitants of Polynesia, how they got there when Europeans couldn’t even find Hawaii. Or the mysteries of the brain, like a man who fell into a coma and when he woke up he could play the piano like a professional… “, Shatner listed.

And, once the mystery is introduced, the show seeks to find an answer.

“What we do is involve every aspect of the human knowledge: history, science, experts… we show audiences we really want to find an explanation, but often not even experts know them. And that’s the excitement we want to portray: wow, this really is a mystery,” he explained.

“Maybe some day, someone, somewhere, will find the answer, but we’re talking about cases that don’t seem to have one,” he added.

Is William Shatner a believer? “Well, I do believe in mysteries. What I don’t believe in sometimes is the answers,” he said jokingly.

“To me, answers have to be logical and backed by science. And sometimes not even those. Science has believed to have an answers many times and then it turns out it was wrong, so you can never be too sure.”