Netflix confirmed the success of Mexican series ¿Quien mató a Sara?, which was seen by 55 million homes in its first 4 weeks.

For three weeks, Mexican series Who killed Sara? has made its way into TV Time’s Binge Report as one of the 10 most binged series in the world. And TV Time itself ranked it as the second most-binged Hispanic series in the world in March.

Thus, it was clear that the Mexican series had been a success for Netflix. And today it was confirmed.

The platform revealed that Who killed Sara? was seen in 55 million homes in its first four weeks.

In addition, it managed to made it into the Top 10 in 87 countries including the United States, Germany, Israel, Brazil and France.

With these numbers, Who killed Sara? stands as the most successful Netflix original Mexican series to date, surpassing Madre solo hay dos (23 million households in its first 28 days) and Control Z (20.5 million times in its first 28 days).

It was even more watched than the Hispanic series Selena (25 million households) and surpassed international series such as Barbarians (37 million households), the Korean Sweet Home (22 million) and the Japanese Alice in Borderland (18 million), among others.

Released this past March 24 and produced by Perro Azul -Mexican producer led by Alexis Fridman and Juan Uruchurtu-, the series was created by José Ignacio Valenzuela and directed by David Ruiz and Bernardo de la Rosa.

The cast is made up of Manolo Cardona, Carolina Miranda, Ginés García Millán, Claudia Ramírez, Eugenio Siller and Alejandro Nones.

Days ago, Netflix announced that the series will have a second season, which will arrive as soon as May 19.