Angela Colla, Globo’s Head of International Sales, spoke to ttvnews about the amazing results achieved by the sensual thriller Hidden Truths, which has just premiered its second season on Globoplay and which will have its international screening on November 5.

On October 20, Globoplay premiered in Brazil the second season of its International Emmy winner Hidden Truths, one of the company’s big series for the Brazilian market and, especially, for the international market.

That is why the company will hold on November 5 a “Buyers World Premiere” for Hidden Truths 2 for buyers around the world.

Written by Walcyr Carrasco, directed by Amora Mautner and produced by Globoplay, Hidden Truths 2 continues the story of Ángel (Camila Queiroz) who, in search of his dream of a life in the glamour of fashion, ended up finding an underworld of sex, power and obsession from her intense relationship with Alex (Rodrigo Lombardi).

In dialogue with ttvnews, Angela Colla, Globo’s head of International Sales, spoke about the series’ performance and what they expect for the “Buyers World Premiere”.

What results did the first season of Hidden Truths achieve in Brazil?

The first season in Brazil was the audience leader in its time slot in late prime time. There were more than 19 million people who saw the production daily in Brazil, more than 191 million video views, in addition to more than 7 million mentions on social networks.

The series won the International Emmy in 2016 and traveled to more than 75 countries around the world. What were the results obtained internationally?

Exactly. Hidden truths has already been licensed for more than 75 countries, a story that has been conquering new fans around the world since its launch and that has already been an audience leader in various countries such as Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Uruguay and Portugal. It was also a hit in the Middle East on MBC Group, which even renewed the airing rights to the first season and Hidden Truths 2 for 2022.

Hidden Truths has already proven to be a powerful audience phenomenon in the most diverse markets, and that connects with various targets around the world. A franchise aligned with global consumer trends, the relevance of which is verified on the most diverse platforms, including digital. The continuation of an unmissable story to promote the strategies of our allies.

To what do you attribute this success?

We think this product is a thought-provoking, deep and mysterious modern blockbuster with intense characters. A current and modern franchise that has all the ingredients to make the audience want to follow every detail of its history: fashion, glamour, power, sex and revenge. It should also be mentioned that the production is a sensual thriller, whose theme connects with what consumers are looking for, since it is a theme in high demand.

In addition, the product is catchy, sexy, provocative, which makes the production impressive for the various windows, from TV to digital, and relevant in terms of consumer strategy and advertising investment. This connection with various targets is a reflection of our presence around the world.

This year Globo re-released the series achieving very good results both on the screen and on social networks. What can you highlight in this regard?

The success of the rebroadcasting by the Globo channel on broadcast TV was such that it also had a positive impact on Globoplay consumption, reaffirming our strategy that the product is a complement of public interest in the most diverse windows and platforms.

Currently on the air, the production is the audience leader in its time slot, with a 32% share and a daily reach of 20 million people. In addition, it is also the content that’s most consumed by Globoplay users since the rerun on TV, generating an increase of more than 400% in daily consumption.

I would like to add that this great success does not stop there: on social networks its rerun generated an adhesion of about 200,000 tweets, being the fifth most talked about program in Brazil, emphasizing that it is a very important product for Globo, as it is a story of weight, capable of moving and generating identification and connection with the most varied types of audiences. This only reinforces the product that is already a success around the world and that now, more than ever, returns to Brazil with great expectations.

The second season of Hidden Truths premiered in October on Globoplay. How has the strategy and its performance been?

The premiere in Brazil took place on October 20 and exclusively on the Globoplay platform, with the first 10 episodes available. The other episodes will be available in Brazil every two weeks to reinforce viewer loyalty.

What stands out about this second season?

I am sure that, in this new stage, the audience will find Angel herself, with her duality, her mystery and her sensuality. And now you will be surprised with new aspects of her, as well as new stories involving the modeling agency, with launches of young actors.

Hidden Truths 2 has all the ingredients to make audiences want to follow every detail of the story. In the first part, Angel was in search of the dream of being a model and finds an underworld of sex and power and establishes an obsessive and dangerous relationship with a powerful businessman. In the second season, she is now a mother and the audience will continue her fight to cure the sick son. Hiding many truths involving her past, Angel returns to being a model, capable of everything possible to heal him.

What expectations does Globo have for its premiere in Brazil and its launch in the international market?

Just as the premiere was a great success in Brazil, we have high expectations for the international market, since it is a product with potential for all countries, even for Latin America because it is an innovative telenovela that serves the most varied platforms and windows.

The current viewer expects the best content, at the best time and this is our great mission when bringing our productions to market. And with Hidden Truths 2 the theme of content that is a sensual thriller will connect even more with audiences.

We can guarantee that it is a production aligned with global consumer trends, whose relevance is verified on the most diverse platforms, including digital. At the “Buyers World Premiere” an exclusive presentation will be made to our allies who will see the first episode and will have access to extra content about the production.