The series will premiere on September 29.

ViX announced that its new original limited series Ella camina sola (She Walks Alone) premieres exclusively on September 29 on the service’s Premium plan. The full 10-episode series of this story, which puts a twist on the classic whodunit genre to turn it into a who’s lying? will be available from day one and the first episode will be available on ViX’s free plan.

The original production stars Paulina Dávila (Luis Miguel, La serie, La hora cero [The Zero Hour], El comandante [Hugo Chávez: The Commander]) Alicia Jaziz (Ingobernable [Ungovernable], Caer en tentación [Fall into Temptation]) and Christopher von Uckermann (Diablero [Demon Hunter]). The series is directed by Adriana Pelusi (Control Z, Rosario Tijeras [Rosary Scissors], El hubiera sí existe [The Would Have Does Exist]), Inés Barrionuevo, Analeine Cal y Mayor and Cris Gris.

Ella camina sola explores the story of Carla, a young high school teacher who is tasked with investigating allegations of sexual harassment against a colleague and friend, Ricardo. The allegations come as a shock to the school and her community, as Ricardo is a beloved teacher. Instinctively, Carla does not want to believe them, particularly since they were made by Daniela, a complicated and troubled student at the school. As she unravels the case and with the twists and turns of the plot, Carla flashes back to her adolescence. As she seeks justice in the present, Carla tries to heal the past.