ViX Premieres Original Comedy Profe Infiltrado on June 7

The series, produced by Campanario Entertainment, has eight episodes that will be available on premiere day exclusively on the service’s premium tier.

ViX announced today that its new comedy Profe Infiltrado will premiere on June 7 and unveiled the official trailer. The Campanario Entertainment series offers an exciting mix of classic humor, innovative storytelling, and standout performances.

All eight episodes will be available exclusively on the service’s premium tier on premiere day. The first episode will also be available on ViX’s free plan.

Profe Infiltrado was adapted and written by Jaime Muñoz de Baena, Andreína Borges, Fernando Rasé, and Sofia Morfín and directed by Miguel Necoechea and Alfonso Pineda. Jaime Muñoz, Sergio Agüero, Jaime Dávila, and Diana Mejia-Jones are the series’ executive producers.

ViX’s new comedy tells the story of Julián, a good guy and dreamer who has never known any other world but crime. His family works for an appliance smuggling ring run by Don Rafael Ochando, the King of Fayuca. Still, his lack of vocation for crime and his sensitive personality have relegated him to menial jobs as a delivery boy.

One day, while covering his delivery route, Julian falls into the hands of Commander Aurelio Maldonado, head of the anti-smuggling division of the police. In exchange for not putting Julian and his mother in jail, he forces him to work as an informant in the Ochando organization, infiltrating him as a physical education teacher at the Cuévano Institute, the private school where Don Rafael’s daughter, Paola Ochando, studies.

Julian’s mission is to get proof that Don Rafael is using the school as an undercover warehouse and approach Paola to get her to incriminate her father so he can arrest him and dismantle the business. What the teacher does not see coming is that he will create a beautiful friendship with Ochando’s daughter, which puts him in an even more compromising situation.

The stars of the new original comedy are Memo Villegas (Sobreviviendo mis XV, Harina), Natalia Téllez (Quiero tu vida, Amores permitidos), Marimar Vega (Dra. Lucía: un don extraordinario, El juego de las llaves), Diana Carreiro (Señora influencer, Supertitlán), Sebastián Zurita (Tequila re-pasado, El juego de las llaves), Norma Angélica (Se llamaba Pedro Infante, Mi Maestra se comió a mi amigo) and Alejandro Cuétara (El colapso, MexZombies).