Title The Outlaws (Os Fora da Lei), the comedy is produced in association with La Casa de Cinema, written by Guel Arraes and directed by Jorge Furtado.

The Outlaws (Os Fora Da Lei), the first original feature by Paramount+ from Brazil, begins filming this week in Porto Alegre.

The new production by VIS, a division of ViacomCBS, in association with La Casa de Cinema in Porto Alegre, is a comedy written by Guel Arraes, directed by Jorge Furtado and starring Katiuscia Canoro, Rafael Infante and Cauê Campos.

The film tells the story of Kelson, a young car and motorcycle thief, who uses his motorcycle to escape the police and win over his love, Neide. The problem is that, to escape the chases, Kelson needs a more powerful motorcycle, and ends up acquiring from Fernando, a scammer, the motorcycle that belonged to a dangerous bandit, Brasilite.

When Brasilite gets out of jail, he wants to get his bike back, so Kelson will need the help of his sister Rebeca and Marcia, a lawyer, to escape Brasilite’s fury. An adventure full of humor and many surprises, through the labyrinths of the law.

“We are very happy to start another production at VIS Brazil, having formed a team of recognized talents for this project, both in front of and behind the camera,” said María Angela de Jesus, Senior Director of Production Management at VIS. “This film brings a thought-provoking story, through humor and mischief, that will definitely appeal to audiences,” she said.

“The first feature film produced by VIS in Brazil,” added Tereza Gonzalez, Senior Director of Development at VIS Brazil. “In an incredible artistic partnership with Guel Arraes and Jorge Furtado, we are sure that we are doing other relevant Brazilian content. A movie to laugh and get excited about”, she concluded.