Produced by VIS in association with El Estudio and Infinity Hill, the film will be directed by Rob Schneider and filmed in Mexico, to debut on the platform in 2022.

VIS, a division of ViacomCBS, confirmed the development of Love is Love, starring actor and producer Rob Schneider in his Spanish-language directorial debut.

This Paramount+ Original is being produced by VIS in association with El Estudio and Infinity Hill, will film in Mexico, and is set to premiere on the streaming platform in 2022.

Love is Love is a romantic comedy set in the 90´s. It tells the story of Enrique, a Mexican telenovela star, who is about to sign a contract with a major TV network when the president of the company, Julian (Rob Schneider), reveals pictures of Enrique and his partner, Marcelo, and asks Enrique to have a pretend relationship with Sofia to keep his public persona intact.

Rob Schneider became a comedy star thanks to Saturday Night Live and and his roles in comedy hits like Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo, The Animal, The Hot Chick, The Benchwarmers, and Grown Ups. He also directed two seasons of the TV series Real Rob and the movies Big Stan and Daddy Daughter Trip.

“We are excited to begin work on this new film with such a talented actor and director as Rob Schneider,” said Guillermo Borensztein, VP of Films at VIS Americas. “We have been looking forward to working with Rob and our partners at Infinity Hill and El Estudio on this project for a while now and are excited to embark on this enriching creative journey.”

“I couldn’t be more excited and thrilled to be working with ViacomCBS and Paramount+ on this ridiculously funny and heart-warming film about love and acceptance in the Telenovela world in the 1990s,” commented Rob Schneider. “Mexico is my second home and a chance to make a comedy that celebrates its extraordinary culture is a true blessing! ¡Muchas gracias!”.

“Both Infinity Hill and El Estudio have collaborated closely on this project to bridge local language productions with Hollywood talent,” says Axel Kuschevatzky, Owner at Infinity Hill. Diego Suarez Chialvo, CEO at El Estudio adds, “Both companies were born almost at the same time, with a very similar background of independent producers and studio executives, and were meant to work together with a great partner such as VIS.”