The SomosTV channel is celebrating Thanksgiving with a selection of new titles, including Intercambiadas (Peru), ¿Qué Te Juegas? (Spain) and ¿Pá ¿Qué Me Casé? (Dominican Republic).

ViendoMovies, the exclusive 24-hour Spanish movies channel, commercial-free, with the best contemporary films, owned by SOMOSTV (company chaired by Luis Villanueva), celebrates Thanksgiving with dedicated programming for the whole family.

For this date of family celebration, the channel has programmed a set of international productions appropriate for this holiday. Among the premieres are Intercambiadas (Peru), ¿Qué Te Juegas? (Spain) and ¿Pá ¿Qué Me Casé? (Dominican Republic).

ViendoMovies is characterized by celebrating with specially selected films, the festivities of the Latino market communities and the general population of the United States and Puerto Rico. In the same way, the channel dedicates special dates to the dissemination of Spanish-language film talent (actors and directors) and to specific genres (comedies, romances, dramas, etc.). This flexibility is essential in a channel that supports an industry that has impacted international audiences.

ViendoMovies begins the celebration with the comedy Intercambiadas, directed by Daniel Vega Vidal. Patricia Portocarrero plays the role of a successful executive and mother of two children. Lupe, a charismatic and laid-back housekeeper, basically takes on the role of mother to her children. One night, Vasco, the youngest son, makes a wish on a shooting star that turns everything upside down.

From Spain and nominated at the Malaga Festival for Best Spanish Film, the romantic comedy, ¿Qué Te Juegas?. Roberto and Daniela live in a world of wealth thanks to their father’s inheritance. Roberto is a visionary genius, and Daniela is thorough and a perfectionist. However, both find a way out of their disagreements when they fall in love with the same woman.

The comedies continue with the film ¿Pa ’Qué Me Casé?, representative of the popular Dominican cinema so liked by the Latino audience. Starring Fausto Mata and Cheddy Garcia in the role of one of two couples who are in the process of divorce. Everyone goes through the difficult time of separation and will have to live with the changes that a new life entails. Along the way, their lives will have interesting coincidences between hilarious situations and unexpected outcomes.

Apart from laughing all night, viewers can enjoy Panamanian, Argentine, and Chilean productions such as Kenke (Panama), Mama Se Fue de Viaje (Argentina), and Que Pena tu Familia (Chile).