The hit romantic comedy, starring Itatí Cantoral and Juan Soler, will premiere on Tuesday, May 31.

Univision announced that the hit romantic comedy series La Mexicana y El Güero (I love you, Güero) will premiere on Tuesday, May 31. The light-hearted series will join Univision’s highly-rated weeknight primetime at 8:00 pm ET.

The story centers on Andrea (Itatí Cantoral), a beautiful con artist, and Tyler (Juan Soler), an idealistic millionaire who returns to Mexico in search of his biological family after his adoptive mother dies and leaves him with instructions to return to his birthplace.

Andrea, posing as her biological sister, takes advantage of the situation to form a fun fictitious family whose sole objective is to keep the güero’s millions. What is not in her plans is the attraction that begins to emerge between the two that eventually will turn into love.

The drama triangle also includes Luis Roberto Guzmán, who plays René, Andrea’s romantic partner and her partner in the scam concocted to snatch Tyler’s fortune.

The star-studded cast also includes Rodrigo Abed, Eleazar Gómez, Jacqueline Andere, Julio Camejo, Irán Castillo, Gabriela Carrillo, Laura Vignatti, Nora Salinas, Pablo Valentín, Gaby Zamora, Miguel Martínez, Tania Lizardo, Patricio Castillo and Sabine Moussier.