The We Love Entertainment production for Univision will air Monday through Friday at 2p/1c, starting Monday, February 19.

Desiguales is the new talk show that will premiere on Univision on February 19 as the highlight of the afternoons. The show, which will air Monday through Friday at 2p/1c, will bring together five women with contrasting profiles and life stories to discuss the hottest topics.

The production of We Love Entertainment for Univision confirmed Migbelis Castellanos as part of the group of women who will be part of the daily program.

Desiguales will provide an ecosystem of dialogue that arises from the diversity of opinions of five women with different frames of reference and cultures. Through an intelligent, funny, and plural conversation, these women will seek to find balance in their disparities of criteria. The other presenters will be announced soon.

Each of the “Desiguales” will share their reflections on the most salient issues of the moment and current news that generate family and societal conversation topics. In addition, they will offer their actions and points of view by putting themselves in the place of people who have gained relevance in public opinion. This dynamic will integrate elements of the global media scene, offering a unique and enriching television experience.