TV Time exclusively revealed to ttvnews the 10 most popular Spanish-language series from around the world during the month of February. El Internado: Las Cumbres was one of the top 3.

Same as every month, TV Time revealed to ttvnews the 10 most binged series in Spanish from around the world during February.

And on this occasion, the big surprise was El Internado: Las Cumbres, which was released on February 19 and in just 10 days managed to become the third most watched series.

Its appearance in the Top 10 confirms what TV Time itself hinted at when it named it as one of the most anticipated series of 2021 and as one of the ones that grew the most during the past week.

The data also explains the rapid renewal for a second season by Amazon.

Two classics like Money Heist and Cable Girls took the top 2 spots; while Elite and El desorden que dejas completed the Top 5. Madre solo hay dos, the leader of January, was seventh.

The rest of the Top 10 was made up of classic series, which are usually part of the Top 10 of TV Time, such as Narcos, Vis a vis or Violetta or others that come and go, like Hache.

Up next, the 10 most binged Spanish series in the world:

1 – Money Heist (+1)

2 – Cable Girls (+2)

3 – El Internado: Las Cumbres (new)

4 – Élite (+1)

5 – El desorden que dejas (-2)

6 – Narcos (=)

7 – Madre solo hay dos (-6)

8 – Vis a vis (-1)

9 – Violetta (=)

10 – Hache (nueva)