The productions Tanto amor and Los Rey were acquired by Media World Television for its Global Telenovelas TV channel.

TV Azteca Internacional announced the sale of the TV Azteca productions Tanto amor (120×60’) and Los Rey (125×60’) to Media World Television for its Global Telenovelas TV channel in Spain.

“Spain is a territory of great strategic importance for TV Azteca, we are very satisfied that our brand continues to travel around the world and that the Spanish audience, in particular, values our content so highly,” said Melissa Pillow, Sales Representative of the company for Europe, CIS, USA and Africa.

“We are very proud that TV Azteca’s content is being recognized as programming alternatives in many territories around the world. The diverse audiences of our clients will find a quality product”, declared Dulce Ávila, Sales Manager of TV Azteca Internacional.


Tanto amor (120 × 60’)

In a matter of hours, Mia lost her home, her job and her mother, a fact that will change her life and that of her two sisters, the arrogant and irresponsible Noelia and the sweet Mary, who is blind from birth. The three young women whose dreams and ways of acting are as different as pepper and sugar, lived under the protective wing of Don Oscar, the Lombardo patriarch, for whom his mother Francisca was much more than a cook, an ally and his confident. Alberto believed he was in control of his life and world, so much so that he believes he has found love in Oriana, his fiancée, but this is about to end. The unexpected death of his grandfather Don Oscar, makes him return from Spain to Los Ciruelos, the hacienda owned by the Lombardo family. Alberto feels overwhelmed, in his conscience the last words of fury that he exchanged with old Don Oscar resound, the same words that led him to his self-exile.

Los reyes (125 × 60’)

Everardo Rey went with his best friend, Pedro Malvido, to the United States to pursue the American dream. There, they both agreed to forget Manuela San Vicente, a young girl with whom they were both in love. After the years and having made a capital they returned to Mexico to form a glass collection business. However, Everardo Rey forgot his pact, conquered Manuela and intelligently woven a plan that led Pedro to jail, accused of fraud.