Produced by Stellar Yapim, with Saran Studios and ProTV, the drama premiered on the Divinity channel in Spain, marking its firs international debut.

Turkish drama A Mother’s Love has made its debut in Spain this Monday, May 16th, on the Divinity channel.

A Mother’s Love is co-produced by Saran Studios, a subsidiary of well-known sports and entertainment content distributor Saran Media Group; ProTV, Romania’s leading broadcaster; and Stellar Yapım, producer of hit titles such as Elif and Wounded Birds.

The drama debuted on Turkey’s top-rated TV8 just a few months ago, where it airs under the title Canım Annem.

Distributed internationally by Saran Studios, the series has already been sold to nine territories, including Bulgaria, Slovenia, Romania, Moldova, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Lithuania, and Spain, the first foreign market where it has aired.

A Mother’s Love features Selin Sezgin, who starred in all five seasons of the international hit series Elif. Sezgin plays Nazli, a poor woman whose long-lost twin died in a car accident before the two could meet. Her sister’s child has a rare heart defect, and the girl’s father fears that she won’t survive the loss of her mother. Instead, he hires Nazli to pose as the girl’s mother until the child is old enough for life-saving surgery. Nazli accepts the position, but life in the luxurious mansion turns out to be anything but a fairy tale.