Produced by MF Yapim and distributed by Madd Entertainment, A Miracle made its debut on Fox TV in Turkey to a 35.5% share, becoming the best premiere in the network’s history.

A Miracle, the Turkish adaptation of US hit series The Good Doctor, premiered in Turkey to notable success.

The drama made its debut on Fox TV in the country, becoming the best ever premiere in the network’s history.

Last week the show almost doubled its performance with its second episode and reached a 14.8 rating and 35,5% share.

A Miracle tells the story of a distinguished surgical unit which turns upside down when a strange new resident joins the team. Ali has savant syndrome, making it hard for him to communicate with other people, even though he is a phenomenal doctor.

The other doctors can’t stand him at first, but his sincerity and dedication wins them over. In this hospital, Ali finds the family he’s always longed for.

Produced by MF Yapim, the series is distributed internationally by Madd Entertainment.