Produced by Medyapim, A Woman Scorned recently premiered on Kanal D in Turkey, becoming the most-watched show on Wednesday nights for six weeks in a row.

Top production house Medyapim’s most fresh title A Woman Scorned, broadcasted on Kanal D and starring Cansu Dere, achieved great ratings increasing every week.

The show reached 12.08% ratings, 25.13% share in +20 ABC1 and won all the demographic groups with the 6th episode. The series took the top spot on Wednesday night for the six week in a row and also listed as a worldwide trend topic in Twitter last night and created a huge social media buzz.

The drama is based on the BBC series, Doctor Foster, a gripping psychological drama about a woman who suspects her husband is having an affair. The popular BBC series won a number of awards in 2016, including several for Best Drama and a BAFTA prize for its lead actress.

Doctor Foster has since been adapted for India, France and, most recently, South Korea, where it was the highest-rated drama ever for cable TV.

MADD Entertainment distributes the series to selected territories in the international market.


When Asya met Volkan, she was alone in her own world. Her parents passed away when she was quite young. Although they left her a hefty inheritance, Asya had no family to call her own. Volkan changed all that after he proposed her and just after she finished medical school, they settled in Volkan’s home town: a small city near İstanbul. Volkan’s family became hers, and his friends became her friends. On this foundation, they built a happy marriage and raised their son, Ali in this loving household Asya had always dreamed of.

Years later, Asya’s medical practice was thriving and Volkan’s construction business seemed growing. Life couldn’t be better, until Asya found that long blonde hair on Volkan’s scarf. She discovers that Volkan has an affair with a young women, Derin. Worse, she finds out that all their friends and people around her knew about this relationship, but no one ever told her. Compounding these multiple betrayals, Asya finds out that Volkan’s business has eaten up her inheritance and left the family with huge debts.

Volkan, on the other hand, has complicated feelings. He feels that he both loves Asya and Derin. He sees Asya as his family, Derin as his love. He has no intention to give up on his family but he doesn’t have the courage to break up with Derin too.

Asya realizes that she has been living in a web of lies. When the details behind the betrayal rise to the surface, everything begins to go into motion… In this story, Asya refuses to be a victim of her life and she dedicates herself to get her revenge on her husband and everyone else who betrayed her.