TTV+ Buyers: What Are They Looking For?

Héctor Arosemana, Director of Content and Marketing at TVN Media, spoke to TTV+ about the content he’s looking for in the international market.

TTVMedia, through its TTV+ platform and backed by Eccho Rights, presents its Buyers: What Are They Looking For? initiative to find out more about international buyers’ programming needs.

The interviews were conducted through the base of over 5,000 buyers registered on TTV+, a 24/7 online marketplace where buyers can look through catalogs from thousands of companies, and in which distributors can contact them to close businesses.

This time, we present Héctor Arosemana, Director of Content and Marketing at TVN Media.

What type of content are you looking for?

We are looking for young audiences. We need to bring young people to the screen and not move away from digital, we are embracing digital, looking for content that lives on Free TV but also has a very strong digital component.

Apart from that we are also looking for the next big Turkish hit. Turkish telenovelas are a very big deal in the whole region. And formats that have a lot of interaction, very digital formats, that are a lot of fun and joy. Because we feel that people need that after a couple of gray years.

I am also trying to get content for kids and young people, to put together slots that are of value to them but at the same time also start to form those younger audiences that we need to bring to our media group.

Any particular content you’ve purchased that worked especially well on your screen?

The great success we have at the moment comes from Bitter Lands, by Inter Medya; Forbidden Fruit, by Calinos, which we were one of the first countries -and the first in Latin America- to have, for which we recently premiered the fifth season with great success and Calinos has already confirmed a sixth season for us. We also have Our Story on our screen, which is doing very well in the daytime and is also from Calinos. And we are in the second season of The Power of Love, the pan-regional Inter Medya format filmed in Turkey with young people from the entire region, Panamanians, Puerto Ricans, Colombians, etc., which became a revelation format for us because it has interaction, digital, voting. It has been a great success for us.