TTV+ Buyers: What Are They Looking For?

Daniel Padilla, CEO and Co-Founder of OnePlay, spoke to TTV+ about the content he’s looking for in the international market.

TTVMedia, through its TTV+ platform and backed by Eccho Rights, launched the initiative Buyers: What Are Buyers Looking For? during Miptv, to find out more about international buyers’ programming needs.

The interviews were conducted through the base of over 5,000 buyers registered on TTV+, a 24/7 online marketplace where buyers can look through catalogs from thousands of companies, and in which distributors can contact them to close businesses.

This time, we present Daniel Padilla, CEO and Co-Founder of OnePlay.

Could you please introduce yourself and your company?

Hello, I’m Daniel Padilla, director of OnePlay. At OnePlay we’re a company focused on the digital entertainment distribution. We have a B2B2C business model, since our clients are major institutions, corporations, business centers or loyalty programs, which have thousands of users. And we provide white label technology so that they can offer this product to each of their clients.

Our office is based in Miami but our main market is Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay. During Q2 2021, we’re expected to grow towards Central America.

What type of content are you looking for?

We have two different types of targets. For adult audiences, we’re looking for genres like action, entertainment and comedy; and when it comes to kids, while we’re looking for animated series or ones with real characters, we want them to have a balance between entertainment and education.

What type of stories or ideas are you looking for?

Unfortunately 2020 was a very special year for our subscribers and 2021 didn’t start any differently. This makes contents regarding entertainment and escapism to be the main focus within our content offer. We’re working closely with different producers in several countries to find and develop local entertainment products.

Another product we’re also looking for in order to feed our catalog is educational content, whether it’s for kids or adults, but oriented towards and focused on entertainment, in order to get the message across in a more relaxed way. To do so we’re working with different local producers, creating specific formats that help us bring the message to every home, and that are also a way to have fun and spend time as a family.

What ingredient do contents need to have to spark your interest?

We prioritize innovative content that have found a spot on our continent’s screens. We mainly look for episodic titles, between 6 and 8 episodes tops. We try to find stories that always have a good visual narrative, which is where our subscribers prefer to spend most of their time.

Any specific content that caught your attention over the last 12 months?

Original content about confinement have caught our eye. Ultra personal formats, photos, episodic titles generated tons of interest from audiences.

Any content that worked particularly well on your sceen?

Fiction, comedy, entertainment were unquestionably the ones that worked best on our screen and that our subscribers liked the most.