The consultancy firm presented the first ever Fresh TV session devoted to young adult content, a list marked by trends like euforia, the club scene, girls and animation, where The Mediapro Studio’s Paraiso stands out as the only hispanic title.

Complementing its traditional Fresh TV Fiction and Fresh TV Formats sessions, this year, The Wit is presenting a brand new session devoted entirely to young adult content.

“This is a brand new session”, said Virginia Mouseler, CEO of The Wit. “Last time we met in person at Mip, young adult scripted shows were very popular, so we decided to devote a session to this much coveted target group and the type of content specifically made for them”, she added.

For young adult drama, or “YAG drama”, the main referent is last season’s HBO hit, Euforia, she explained. So this year’s list features several series under that same theme and the club scene, as well as dramas revolving around young women.

Spain’s Paraiso, The Mediapro Studios’ drama about three teenage girls who disappear from a nightclub, falls perfectly under this category and stands out as the only hispanic title on the list.

Up next, The Wit’s selection of fresh young adult dramas of the season:

Country: USA
Production: Warner Bros.

A group of high-school students explore modern sexuality and test deeply entrenched beliefs about life, love and the nature of family in their conservative community.

Delete Me
Country: Norway
Distribution: Federation Entertainment

Trapped by a sex tape, two teenage girls experience cyber-bullying, hacking and exclusion, resulting in the death of one of them.

After Party
Country: Norway / Sweden
Distribution: Banijay Rights

A complicated love story unravels during eight very different after parties throughout the summer.

We Children from Banhof Zoo
Country: Germany
Distribution: Fremantle

Based on a book and movie from the 70s-80s telling Christiane F’s biography. A trip in the club and drug scene of 1970’s West-Berlin.

Country: Germany
Distribution: Beta Film

Young people join an illegal luxury rave in Munich’s catacombs. They disturb shadowy figures living there. A fire breaks out, and things go horribly wrong.

Country: France
Distribution: Distribution

A mysterious summer on a beach town that test the friendship of a group of girls.

Country: Spain
Distribution: The Mediapro Studios Distribution

1992, a coastal town in Spain. Three teenage girls disappear from a nightclub. Their friends find out the girls are being held by something not of this world.

Mocro Maffia: Komtgoed
Country: Netherlands
Distribution: Dutch Features

“Komtgoed” is a short form spin off of “Mocro Maffia”, focusing on the character of Zakaria, nicknamed Komtgoed. The teenager is arrested and placed in a foster family. His personal problems keep growing.

Reset and Rewind
Country: UK
Production: TOAD / Mother’s Best Child

UK’s leading rappers talk openly about mental health. They offer tools to help young people improve wellbeing.

The Legend of Hanuman
Country: India
Production: Graphic India

The story of Hindu monkey god Hanuman, a mighty warrior who became the beacon of hope amidst the darkness.

Bombay Rose
Country: India
Distribution: Cinestaan International

Hand-painted animation movie telling stories of impossible love in the streets of Bombay.

Dogs Playing Poker
Country: USA
Production: Fox Entertainment

Five dog friends banter about football and other timely sports topics.

Happy End
Country: Russia
Distribution: Art Pictures Distribution

A young couple decide to turn their relationship into a sexual attraction for the whole world to see.