The consultancy firm presented its last Fresh TV session at this year’s Miptv Digital, this time, focused on content aimed at kids, which touches on themes like diversity, inclusion and mental health.

This year, The Wit came to Miptv Digital more prepared than ever before, presenting not two, but five Fresh TV sessions.

The consultancy firm complemented its traditional Fiction and Formats sessions with Fresh TV Young Adult, Fresh TV Lab and now, Fresh TV Kids, where it presented its selection of trend-setting kids’ content.

“We have selected kids’ content that fall under the keywords of this year in this creative community: diversity, inclusion and mental health”, said The Wit CEO, Virginia Mouseler.

Up next, The Wit’s selection of fresh kids’ content:

Super Sema
Genre: Animation
Country: International
Distribution: Kukua

African animated series. A young superhero girl living in an African-futuristic world fights the villains to save her village.

The Adventures of Tumeke Space
Genre: Animation
Country: New Zealand
Production: Mukpuddy Animation

Sci-Fi animated series. An average kiwi guy finds out his long-lost grandfather was an intergalactic hero. He sets off searching for him throughout the universe.

The Knights of Castelcorvo
Genre: Live Action Fiction
Country: Italy
Distribution: Stand By Me

The first Italian series produced for Disney+. Four kids solve riddles and look for magic keys to defeat a powerful witch.

Camp Kookiness
Genre: Live Action Fiction
Country: Netherlands
Distribution: NL Films (Banijay)

Musical live action comedy series. Seven children attend a summer camp where they discover themselves and deal with sensitive topics for young people.

Pubertets Camp
Genre: Live Action Fiction
Country: Norway
Distribution: NRK

Shortform fiction. A group of young teenagers is sent to a camp, where they learn everything about puberty and its effects on their bodies.

Stripped Down
Genre: Factual
Country: Netherlands
Distribution: WBITVP

School kids (11-12 years old) meet 5 naked adults who answer their questions about their bodies. Adaptation of a Danish format.

Mikki v. The World
Genre: Factual Entertainment
Country: Australia
Distribution: ABC Commercial

Dr. M is a newly qualified psychologist with no experience but full of creativity. She explores a variety of mental health issues that plague the teenage audience.

Operation Awesome
Genre: Factual
Country: USA
Production: Spoke Studios

Five young people with ideas for change get the chance to get their dreams come true. They travel across the USA to help people launch new initiatives in their hometowns.

Genre: Reality Competition
Country: Netherlands
Distribution: All3Media International

10 young makeup talents, aged 13 to 15, face off in a makeup competition.

The Faker
Genre: Game Show
Country: Netherlands
Distribution: All3Media International

Celebrities spend one day with a family. One family member has been replaced by an actor. The celebrity team has to guess who the actor is.