The Spanish network will premiere 7 días sin ellas, the local adaptation of the BBC Studios format, produced by RTVE and The Mediapro Studio, on July 28 at 10:40pm.

La 1 announced the premiere date for its new format 7 días sin ellas on Monday, July 29 at 10:40pm.

Produced by RTVE and Big Bang Media (The Mediapro Studio), it’s the local adaptation of The Week the Women Went, distributed by BBC Studios Distribution Limited.

The format already has versions in over 14 countries such as Canada, France, Denmark, Morrocco and Brazil.

A program that will show the evolution of a group of men from a small town who assume for a week all the family, work and community responsibilities during the absence of women.

It takes place, simultaneously, in the small Segovian town of Bernuy de Porreros and in Vera (Almería), in a holiday complex where they will live for a week without a mobile phone.

It will be their partners, neighbors and family who have to take care of everything, both socially and privately, until the women return.

The program will show the evolution of each group as they try to adapt to the new situation and take on new challenges. You will see how this new routine influences the group of men who remain in the town, their vision of life and their family, and how it affects the community in which they live.

On the other hand, it will accompany the group of women on their trip, to see how they live the distance, the lack of communication, the break from the routine and the obligations, while enjoying these unusual vacations.