Caracol Television in Colombia and Latina in Peru will develop local versions of ITV Studios’ hit talent show.

The Voice Senior is further expanding its presence in the Latin American market.

Both Caracol Television in Colombia and Latina in Peru have acquired the hit talent show, bringing the total number of countries that have licensed the format to an impressive 16.

In the LATAM region, they follow after Mexico and Brazil who previously acquired the senior singing show.

Both Colombia and Peru already have The Voice and The Voice Kids on air for multiple seasons. Colombia also added The Voice Teens to its slate in 2016.

The high commission rate proves once again the strength of the format. The show portrays fascinating candidates with interesting life stories, who have so much to share besides their great talent.

In this spin-off it is the turn of the seniors to prove that you are never too old to shine. Celebrity coaches will compete to pick their favorite seniors in the world-famous blind auditions.

In the Knockouts, each coach will select their best seniors to take to the finals. In the final episode, the winner will be crowned! Which senior turns out to have a voice of gold?