With the approval of the FCC, the companies already have all the necessary regulatory requirements to complete the operation.

This Monday, January 24, the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) announced the approval of the merger between Televisa and Univision.

Grupo Televisa and Univision Holdings announced today that the United States regulatory approval that had been requested in connection with the proposed merger of Televisa’s media, content and production assets with Univision, has been granted.

The companies received all the regulatory approvals required for the operation, already in September 2021 they had received the approval of the Federal Institute of Telecommunications (IFT) of Mexico.

“The combination will create the world’s leading Spanish-language media and content company,” they added.

Televisa and Univision revealed in April of last year their intention to merge their content production and distribution assets.

As part of the operation, they indicated that Televisa would receive a value of 4,800 million dollars and would become the largest shareholder of the new Televisa-Univision, acquiring 45% of its shares.

One of the immediate consequences of the merger will be the launch of the much-anticipated joint OTT, which will combine a free and a subscription tier. The service, still without a name and without a launch date, is presented by the companies as “the most important streaming platform in Spanish worldwide.”