The New Year’s Eves Begins Shooting, a Movistar Plus+ Original Series by Rodrigo Sorogoyen

Coproduced with Caballo Films, this is Sorogoyen’s third collaboration with Movistar Plus+ following the successful series Riot Police and Offworld.

New Year’s Eves started shooting on Monday, October 2 in Madrid and will continue over the next few months in several locations in Madrid, Lyon and Berlin.

This is the third collaboration between Rodrigo Sorogoyen and Movistar Plus+, following the successful original series Riot Police and Offworld.

The Madrid-born director is one of Spain’s most acclaimed filmmakers. His latest film, The Beasts, received multiple awards, most notably nine Goya Awards (including Best Film, Direction and Original Screenplay) and the French César Award for Best Foreign Film.

New Year’s Eves follows the life journey of a couple played by Iria del Río and Francesco Carril over a decade. The story has 10 episodes that revolve around the same time of the year: New Year’s Eve.

New Year’s Eves is a Movistar Plus+ original series produced in collaboration with Caballo Films and will be distributed internationally by Movistar Plus+ International.

Rodrigo Sorogoyen will direct four of the ten 50-minute episodes of the series, along with Sandra Romero (3 episodes) and David Martín de los Santos (3 episodes).

The series, which will be shot over the next few weeks in Madrid, Lyon (France) and Berlin (Germany), stars Iria del Río (El Inmortal, El increíble finde menguante, Riot Police) and Francesco Carril (Un amor, La reconquista, Galgos) who play Ana and Óscar, the main couple. This series marks Sorogoyens return to the topic of romantic relationships, which has always interested the filmmaker and has been a feature of a large part of his filmography. In New Year’s Eves, the journey through ten New Year’s Eves portrays a decade in the lives of the protagonists, influenced by their close circle and by current events.

In words of Rodrigo Sorogoyen: “I have always been interested in the world of couples; in what makes two people attracted to each other, what makes them love each other and become a team, the sadness of disappointments, the pain that comes with separation, the time spent remembering each other, the hope of second chances…. Above all, I have always wondered how life goes by and how people — who are always the same — stop being the way they once were and how, with the passing of time, they wonder if they are ready to love someone and love themselves better.”

“New Year’s Eves is a love story over a period of ten Year’s. An intimate approach to a couple who like each other, love each other, fight with each other, and meet again during a crucial decade for all of us. The period from our thirties to our forties. During these Year’s, we make vital decisions and we have a sense of maturity, but its hard to leave youth behind.”

“For me, the challenge was to try to move viewers by simply telling the story of two average people, like you and me. We have different lives, friendships, jobs, families and circumstances, but over the Year’s, we all experience that thing that is so difficult to explain but is so close to what we call love.”


Ana turns 30 on New Year’s Eve, and she still hasnt figured out her life: she lives in a shared flat, she doesnt like her job, she often changes friends… Óscar turns 30 on New Year’s Eve and has his life pretty much sorted out: he loves being a doctor, has loyal friends, and a relationship that comes and goes. On the night they both turn 30, they meet, fall in love and start a relationship with ups and downs that will last for ten Year’s.