Garduza was president of The Kitchen Mexico since 2019

“It is with a great sense of loss, for a friend, a creator, a talent and a partner, that The Kitchen ‘family’ announces the passing of Enrique Garduza, the President of The Kitchen Mexico”, said The Kitchen International in a press release.

“Enrique has been our partner since 2019,” shared Ken Lorber, President/CEO of The Kitchen International stated. “He has been a part of the industry for over 40 years, as a talent, a director, a writer, and as President of The Kitchen Mexico. Enrique was a one of a kind, with a dedication to the localization business that I’ve never seen. In spite of an illness that caused him to lose his voice, Enrique continued directing many of our Latin Spanish projects in our Mexican-based studio with a strong conviction to continuing to hone his craft. What an example he has set for all of us. His loss will affect us greatly and we extend our sympathy to his family and to his Kitchen Mexico family”.

“From Day One, Enrique had been mentoring his son, Diego Cabra, to eventually take over the leadership of the studio. This week, the day after his father’s passing, Diego worked with The Kitchen team at the LA Screenings, in Los Angeles, specifically to uphold his father’s legacy and promise to fulfill his dream of taking over the leadership of The Kitchen Mexico,” added the press release.

“While the passing of one’s father is always difficult,” Lorber added, “stepping into his very large footsteps and continuing a legacy that was created over decades, is an equally difficult feat. I do believe that Diego is up to the task and knowing that we are all here for him, should certainly be a comfort moving forward.”

The Kitchen Mexico is experiencing one its busiest seasons since its formation, working with feature films, animation, anime and live action projects that are keeping the studio active ‘round the clock.