In addition to the independent LA Screenings for Latin America, several studios have confirmed activities for international buyers in the last few hours.

After the cancellation of Natpe Miami in January and given the silence of several studios until a few days ago, the May LA Screenings seemed to be more in doubt this year than ever.

However, the last few hours have been full of confirmations from Hollywood studios, which have announced different activities for international buyers.

While the last to join has been Paramount, there’s still left to see what Disney will do.

At the moment the majors with confirmed screenings are:

Saturday May 21: Paramount

Sunday, May 22: NBCUniversal

Monday, May 23: Warner Media

Tuesday May 24: Sony

Disney, meanwhile, could do something on Wednesday, May 25 for buyers in Latin America, although that is not yet confirmed.

All this in addition to the independents’ screenings, officially announced this Tuesday and that will be held in the iconic and remodeled Fairmont Century Plaza (former Hyatt) from May 18 to 20 with the organization of Events TM, by Isabella Márquez, this time without Natpe.