Hits like Orphans of A Nation, Brazil Avenue, A Time to Love and Pride and Passion are planned to have their premiere on Latin channels in Uruguay, Mexico, Panama and Costa Rica.

One of the dramas that really touched the Brazilian audience last year, the awarded telenovela Orphans of A Nation was launched by channel Teledoce, from Uruguay, in the second week of March at the 10:15 P.M. slot, replacing another Globo production, A Second Chance.

Written by Thelma Guedes and Duca Rachid (International Emmy winner for Precious Pearl), the plot discusses the issue of refugees as the background for an exciting story, having as ingredients: empathy, cultural diversity and resilience in the name of love. The production won the Rose d’Or Awards in the category Telenovelas in 2019 and was launched in the international market in the beginning of this year, during the 2020 NATPE.

Teledoce also launched recently the premiere of the telenovela The Good Side of Life!, written by Walcyr Carrasco. The production is based on the lives of people who live in farms in the countryside of São Paulo during the 1940s. It also tells the story of Candinho, a character played by the actor Sergio Guizé (The Other Side of Paradise), a simple guy who is searching for his origins and ends up being reunited with his greatest love.

As for Mexico, the channel Imagen Televisión has two Brazilian premieres scheduled: besides the awarded Orphans of A Nation, on April 27th, the channel will also broadcast the hit Brazil Avenue, starting on May 4th. The telenovela tells the story of Carminha (Adriana Esteves, from A Second Chance) and Nina (Débora Falabella, from Aruanas), and it has beaten Globo’s licensing record, being broadcast to almost 150 countries and dubbed in 19 languages.

On Teletica, from Costa Rica, the telenovela A Time to Love, by authors Alcides Nogueira (The Illusionist) and Bia Corrêa do Lago, promises great emotions. This period piece is developed during the 1920s and it tells the story of a relentless love that is interrupted by destiny and great obstacles that will lead to an epic reunion throughout a journey marked by the infinite strength of love.

Another period drama, the telenovela Pride and Passion, written by Marcos Bernstein – the screenwriter of the awarded movie Central do Brasil – arrives on the channel TVN, from Panamá. Freely inspired by the work of Jane Austen, the story happens in 1910, at the Coffee Valley, and tells the story of the character Elisabeta, a young libertarian who is full of dreams and has a naturally daring personality. Because of that, she faces social and conduct conflicts.