The Hispanic network shared a video featuring the lead cast of its new super series, which is set to premiere in early 2020.

Telemundo released today a featurette showcasing the lead cast of new Super Series Operación Pacífico premiering in early 2020.

The video features interviews with Colombian actress Majida Issa (Sin Senos si hay Paraíso), Mark Tacher (La Reina del Sur), Klemen Novak (The Americans), Julio Bracho (Fugitiva), and Shany Nadan (Bolívar).

Shot in Mexico and Colombia, this 60-episode police drama centers on Amalia Ortega (Issa), a fearless woman, wife, mother and captain of the Secret Intelligence Unit of the Police, who jeopardizes her career, her life and her family in an attempt to capture El Guapo (Bracho), a mysterious and powerful Mexican drug trafficker.

Only her focus and determination will help her fulfill her mission.

Directed by Diego Mejía and Mónica Botero, Operación Pacífico is an original story based on true events. The concept was developed by Alberto “Albatros” González.

David Posada is executive producer for Telemundo and Silvia Duran and Guillermo Restrepo are executive producers for FoxTeleColombia.