Co-produced with Spanish producer Isla Audiovisual, the new thriller will make its debut on the US Hispanic network on September 30th.

Telemundo announced the premiere of No te Puedes Esconder, a 10 episode thriller produced by Telemundo International Studios, featuring the return of beloved Mexican actress Blanca Soto and the Telemundo debut of renowned Spanish actor Eduardo Noriega on Monday, September 30 at 10:00pm.

The series is an original idea by Isla Audiovisual and Marcos Santana. Written by José Luis Acosta, Eduardo Villanueva and José Camacho, with Carlos Bodelón as Production Designer and Alex de Pablo as Photography Director.

Inna Payán and Luis Salinas oversaw production in México, and Victor García and Manuel Sanabria in Spain. Marcos Santana and Ana Paula Valdovinos are executive producers for Telemundo International Studios.

Shot in México City and Madrid, Spain, the explosive thriller also features Iván Sánchez,, a stellar performance by Maribel Verdú, as well as Peter Vives, Plutarco Haza, Patricia Guirado, Samantha Siqueiros, Juan Caballero and Adrián Ladrón, among others.

Directed by Alejandro Bazzano, No te Puedes Esconder follows Monica (Blanca Soto), and her daughter Natalia (Samantha Siqueiros), as they flee Mexico to escape from their past, an abusive husband and a criminal network.

After establishing new identities in Madrid under the U.S. Federal Witness Protection Program, they begin to rebuild their lives. Here, they will encounter a former policeman turned hitman, a photographer obsessed with death and a politician with forbidden relationships.

All of them, unknowingly, are united by half-truths, which will expose their darker side as they cross paths, ultimately compromising their lives.

“When I first read the script, I was fascinated with the storyline, which is the real star of this series… I couldn’t stop reading, and was amazed to learn about the cast from Spain and México,” stated Blanca Soto.

“The opportunity to play Monica, a strong resilient woman capable of doing the impossible for her family, is what I like most as an actress and as a human being. We need to show dark moments to see the transformation and beauty in it all. The aspirational aspect is the most important element audiences will relate to.”

Joining Soto (Monica) and Eduardo Noriega (Daniel) are Iván Sánchez as Alex, Maribel Verdú as Inspector Urrutia, Peter Vives as Alberto Torres, Plutarco Haza as Sánchez, Samantha Siqueiros as Natalia, Patricia Guirado as Eli, Juan Caballero as Humberto, Adrián Ladrón as Hugo, Pere Ponce as Comisario, Gabriel Porras as De la Cruz, Julio Casados as Andres, Giuseppe Gamba Bertasio as Diego, Barbara Goenaga as Ana, Jorge Bosch as Velasco, Jordi Planas as Gabriel and Eduardo Trucco as Pete.

“No te Puedes Esconder is a fantastic thriller that is going to captivate audiences, not just because of its high-quality production standards, but because of its stellar cast featuring some of the most talented actors today,” said Marcos Santana, President of Telemundo Global Studios.

“We are delighted to have Blanca back on Telemundo and are proud to offer such an impactful and relevant limited series as we continue to set a new standard in Spanish-language story-telling.”