The new Turkish feature films will premiere on the NBCUniversal network, Telemundo Puerto Rico, in its Cine Telemundo Turco slot.

Following the global success of Turkish dramas, the Turkish feature film industry started to attract significant attention from all over the world as well. One of Turkey’s leading distribution companies, Inter Medya, announced that the company has licensed 13 successful Turkish movies from its catalog to Telemundo Puerto Rico, the US Spanish-language terrestrial television network, owned by NBCUniversal.

Previously, Inter Medya licensed the internationally phenomenal movie Miracle in Cell No. 7 to Telemundo for the broadcater’s US and Puerto Rican channels. The worldwide hit Miracle in Cell No. 7 has been broadcasted on Telemundo’s “Viernes Santo” slot.

After the exceptional success of Miracle in Cell No. 7, Telemundo and Inter Medya closed a deal once again and Telemundo acquired 13 more movies from Inter Medya.

In August, Telemundo launched “Cine Telemundo Turco”, a Turkish movie slot broadcasting Turkish movies on Tuesday evenings from 06:00PM to 08:00PM. The Turkish movies of Inter Medya such as Entrusted, Eternal Love, My Brother, Ali, For Both Of Us, The Way We Are, Take Him Back, Second Chance and others will make their premiere on Telemundo’s “Cine Telemundo Turco” soon. “Cine Telemundo Turco” will be a great selection of Turkish movies for the Puerto Rican audiences.

Inter Medya distinguishes itself with an expanded Turkish movies slate which includes more than 100 movies and always manages to stay current.

“We are happy to announce that 13 of our movies have been licensed to Telemundo. All of these titles have been produced by Turkey’s acclaimed production companies. Cine Telemundo Turco is a great opportunity for our movies to meet with the Turkish content lovers. We hope that many of other movies from our library will take place on this Turkish movies slot and we are sure that they will be loved by the audiences. It’s always pleasure to cooperate with Telemundo,” Said Beatriz Cea Okan, VP and Head of Sales and Acquisitions of Inter Medya.