Set to be held in May, the Sony Pictures Television 2020 Screenings will be a digital screening experience for clients around the globe, to present the company’s new series and movies.

Sony Pictures Television (SPT) announced plans to create a digital screening experience for clients around the globe as an alternative to the studio’s traditional LA Screenings event in Los Angeles.

SPT will present the company’s robust and diverse slate of new content via a virtual and on-demand screening experience.

These virtual screenings will complement localized activities in select markets with further details to be announced in the weeks ahead. The Sony Pictures 2020 Screenings will be made available to clients in May.

“This will be a novel way to showcase our upcoming television and movie slates,” said Keith Le Goy, President of Distribution and Networks for Sony Pictures Television.

“As we go through these unprecedented times, the value of great content in providing joy, laughter and escape to people around the world has perhaps never been greater. We – and our creators and talent – are proud to present our amazing content to our global customers.”

Content to be featured in the digital screening includes trailers and full-length episodes, as well as information about the series from executive producers. Among the featured titles will be comedy series Woke and adult animated comedy Crossing Swords, both premiering on Hulu, as well as action-dramaCoyote starring Michael Chiklis, and horror drama Chapelwaitestarring Oscar-winner Adrien Brody.

Global series include the Sara Pascoe comedyOut of Her Mind, historical drama Angel of Hamburg and the Aiden Turner and Freddie Highmore murder mystery drama centered around the elusive artist and genius,Leonardo.