The Latin American sales specialist secured a deal for the kids’ series Learning Time with Timmy with Mexican FTV channel, Canal Once.

Latin American sales specialist Spiral International secured a deal for Learning Time with Timmy with Mexican FTV channel, Canal Once (XEIPN). The series was created by Aardman in partnership with the British Council, world leader in English teaching.

Learning Time with Timmy is a spin-off of Aardman’s Shaun the Sheep that encourages young children around the world to learn English. The show is centered around Timmy, a little lamb, learning to share with others at his nursery.

Zasha Robles, Managing Director at Spiral International stated: “We are proud to bring this educational and fun show to Mexico and inspire kids to learn a second language. It’s a brilliant way to teach them a new skill.”

Claudia Walls, Director of Once Niñas y Niños added: “Once Niñas y Niños (11.2) is the only FTV channel in Mexico, with exclusive content for 3 to 12-year olds. Thinking about the importance of learning English, the channel decided to include in the programming Learning Time with Timmy, the animated series that includes the smallest sheep in Shaun’s clan. Shaun premiered in Mexico on channel Once (11.1) more than 10 years ago and since then it has been an emblematic content of the programming.”

Learning Time with Timmy premiered on June 29th on Canal Once Niñas y Niñas, which is owned by the Instituto Polytechnic Nacional. It consists of 26 short five-minute videos plus an additional 22 two-minute videos.

Miguel Mestre, Sales Manager at Aardman for Latin America mentioned being “thrilled to have partnered again with Canal 11, the undisputable Mexican Free-to-air home of Aardman IP, and overjoyed about the prospect of little Timmy helping to reinforce English-learning amongst the youngest population”.

Aardman is an Academy Award-winning British animation studio based in the UK. Their creations include Wallace & Gromit, Shaun the Sheep and Chicken Run.