It is a police thriller, starring Malvino Salvador, which will be produced by Zasha Robles, from Spiral International, and Gustavo Mello, from Boutique Filmes.

Prime Video announced the production of the exclusive series O Negociosdor, a police thriller starring Malvino Salvador.

Directed by Bel Valiante, the first season of the Brazilian original will be produced by Zasha Robles and Gustavo Mello, from Spiral International and Boutique Filmes, respectively.

In the series, Captain Gabriel Menck (Malvino Salvador) is a police negotiator and member of the Special Tactics Action Group, which is usually summoned to resolve crisis situations that take place in the streets and are broadcast live on television, under the view of the whole country.

The production follows the captain’s work as he deals with bank robberies, passionate kidnappings, armed suicides, terrorist threats and prison riots. They are unpredictable cases, full of human drama and difficult decisions.

The series, written by Thomas Stavros, Gabriela Giffoni and José Guertzenstein, also stars Barbara Reiss, César Mello, Emilio de Mello and Rodrigo dos Santos.