The ever popular Elite and Money Heist made their way into Parrot Analytics’ ranking of the most demanded series in the country, which also includes productions from Argentina, Mexico and Colombia.

Dominating viewing and demand rankings worldwide -and becoming even one of the most viewed products on Netflix- it comes as no surprise that Money Heist and Elite are also one of the most demanded series in Paraguay.

The Spanish productions found their place into Parrot Analytics’ ranking of most demanded digital series in the country for the week of April 13 to 19: Money Heist ranked fifth with 67,432 Average Demand Expressions (ADE) and Elite in seventh with 54,905 ADE.

In addition, Colombian series Narcos took third place with 73,298 ADE.

The digital ranking is led by The Witcher with 82,888 ADE, followed by Lucifer with 82,267 ADE. In fourth place is Anne with an E with 67,667 ADE, while Daredevil takes sixth place with 61,414 ADE and Most Beautiful Thing takes the eighth spot with 52,565 ADE.

The list is closed by the only non-Netflix series: DC Universe’s Doom Patrol in ninth place with 51,351 ADE and Hulu’s Ozark in tenth with 50,718 ADE.

Demand for LatAm series also extends beyond the digital realm, with three Latin American productions standing out in the general ranking.

Argentina’s El Payaso Plim Plim placed third with 376,611 ADE, followed in fourth place by Mexico’s La Rosa de Guadalupe with 303,426, while El Chavo del Ocho took eighth place with 279,062 ADE.

Not counting La Rosa de Guadalupe, the general list is completely dominated by children’s productions, with Peppa Pig (427,337 ADE) and Naruto (405,402 ADE) in first and second place, Teen Titans Go! (301,944 ADE) in fifth, Dragon Ball Z in sixth (293,461 ADE) and Naruto Shippuden in seventh (288,759 ADE).

The list is closed by Masha and the Bear (263,011 ADE) and Teen Titans (234,243ADE) in ninth and tenth place.