Atresmedia announced Eric Masip will be the male star of Alba, the Spanish version of the Turkish drama.

In mid-May, Atresmedia TV announced that Elena Rivera (Cuentame como paso) will star in Alba, the Spanish adaptation of the Turkish drama Fatmagül.

And now, the Spanish company announced that Eric Masip will be the male lead in the series, recreating the role that made Turkish actor Engin Akyürek (Kerim Ilgaz) famous.

Masip will play Bruno Cortés, an “attractive man with tough features, with an introverted character that often makes him seem somewhat dry. With those he meets, he is a witty boy, with a fine and acid humor, and capable of doing anything for the people he loves,” they said.

“Bruno’s mother passed away and his father disappeared without explanation; reason why he has been raised in the coastal town with Clara, a friend of his mother who he affectionately calls ‘Aunt Clara’. Of the good advice that Clara has given him, there is only one that he never listened to: not to meddle with the Entrerríos, one of the most powerful and influential families that have always spent the summer there”.

“Bruno has been, since childhood, a friend of Rubén and Jacobo Entrerríos. All three, along with Hugo Roig – also belonging to a wealthy family – have been, in their childhood, the nightmare of lifeguards and bar waiters. Despite rubbing shoulders with these people, Bruno has never forgotten his humble origins, although that does not prevent him from enjoying the luxury and wildlife of his friends when the four of them are together,” they added.

“Bruno went to Madrid to study and there he started dating Alba. He, who was never interested in having a formal relationship, discovered that he was much closer to her than he might have wanted. But he is determined to live with her a beautiful love story, that perhaps it is not so much after Alba is raped, and even less when her friends, the Entrerríos, reveal a shocking confession to her.”

In addition to Elena Rivera and Eric Masip, Alba will star Tito Valderde, Adriana Ozores, Álvaro Rico, Pol Hermoso, Bea Segura and Jason Fernández.

Unlike the Turkish version, Alba will be a premium series of 13, 50-minute episodes.

The production is carried out by Boomerang TV and will be air in prime time on Antena 3 and Atresplayer Premium.

Montse García, Luis Santamaría and Pablo Guerrero are the executive producers of this fiction on the Series Atresmedia label. Lucía Alonso-Allende is an executive co-producer.

Alba will be directed by Pablo Guerrero himself and by Carlota Martínez-Pereda. Lucía The writing team is made up of Irma Correa, Susana López, Javier Holgado and Carlos Vila, with Ignasi Rubio and Carlos Martin as script coordinators.

The photography direction will be in charge of Antonio González. The Art Director will be Koldo Vallés. Montse Sancho is Head of wardrobe and music will be in charge of Andrelo Prado.