Luis Villanueva’s company assumes the distribution of RCTV’s catalog of telenovelas, series and other audiovisual contents in the Americas.

SOMOS Distribution, the global content distribution company, part of the SOMOS Group and chaired by Luis Villanueva, signed a distribution agreement with RCTV International, through which it assumes the distribution of the catalog of telenovelas, series and other audiovisual content in the Americas .

The agreement includes the distribution of content in all its forms: finished, in format and on all windows (broadcast and pay TV, satellite, VOD, SVOD and internet), as well as future productions.

This agreement significantly increases the SOMOS Distribution drama catalog, with stories of recognized success that are even adaptable to new circumstances and lifestyles. In the same way, the finished product is especially attractive at the moment because of its demonstrated capacity to generate ratings, the number of episodes available and current market conditions.

The RCTV International catalog has been distributed in more than 128 countries in languages such as English, Portuguese, French, Hebrew, German, Mandarin, Cantonese, Thai, Japanese, Italian, Greek and Turkish, among others.

Francisco Villanueva, VP and COO of SOMOS Distribution, said: «We are very happy to assimilate and welcome this prestigious catalog to our library. RCTV represents access to recognized productions and scripts from a pioneer company in the dramatic genre, its internationalization and an expert on the subject. At the moment, stories like Mi gorda bella, Abigail, La trepadora, La mujer de Judas, La soberana, Carita pintada and others are timeless plots, adaptable and as a finished product with high ratings in countless territories. The catalog includes classic as well as contemporary dramas capable of attracting intergenerational audiences.”

Oswaldo Quintana, CEO and representative of RCTV International, stated: «This agreement with Somos Distribution allows us to expand and strengthen the offer of quality content for the Market in the Americas and guarantees different audiences greater entertainment options, not only of recognized successes but also of premiere productions».