The CEO of Glowstar spoke with ttvnews at Content Americas about the company’s growth in the past year and its objectives for 2024.

By ttvnews, from Miami, USA

After a 2023 of a lot of change and uncertainty for the industry, Glowstar is preparing for a 2024 of a lot of activity, after a very positive first step due to the events of January.

“A very good Content Americas is ending. The market spirit of the years prior to the pandemic returned. It was noticeable in everyone’s proactivity, the number of meetings we had,” Silvana D’Angelo, CEO of Glowstar, began in dialogue with ttvnews.

“We are going to see a year that is going to be very competitive, that decisions will be made very calmly and judiciously. The searches are very specific, there is more search for challenges, for more edgy things, thrillers, eroticism. I feel that they are looking for material of LatAm that seeks more with material from other territories, and not underestimate the Latin product from our own production. It’s fantastic,” she added.

To materialize these projects, the executive highlighted the importance of seeking partners and collaboration between the different players in the industry.

“The difficult thing is going to be finding partners for financing, a lot of co-production is being sought. There is a great opportunity for co-production. Our objective in the market is this, to talk with our clients and partners, and facilitate business with joint work models” , he explained.

In terms of content offer, Glowstar seeks to satisfy market demand and respond in a specialized manner to its customers’ orders.

“What we offer to the market today in terms of fiction has to do with the searches that we saw in Mipcancun. These markets, more than for making pitches, are for finding each other, listening to trends, understanding where clients and platforms are at, what are looking for and needing to share ideas about what the audience is looking for,” she concluded.