The newest series in the Kanal D International catalogue, That Girl, has found an excellent reception in Miami because it is a Turkish drama that maintains the strengths of the genre, but adds distinctive touches that rejuvenate the traditional elements.

Turkish content has evolved and, responding to the demand of international buyers and local audience, it has begun to introduce new elements to its traditional dramas.

“Buyers come looking for something different,” said Sibel Levendoğlu, Sales Manager for Latin America and the US at Kanal D International. “With That Girl we’ve had that different touch.”

“The dramas have to have the DNA of the Turkish series, but with something else that makes them interesting,” the executive explained to ttvnews during the third and final day of Content Americas. “Turkish content has begun to have a few touches that differentiates them from the classic plots.”

In That Girl, thse come by the novelty of its plot, which follows a protagonist, a young girl, who dreams of being a famous influencer on social networks.

“The reaction to That Girl, which began airing in September, has been very good because it’s a topic that has not been addressed in Turkish series; it deals a lot with social networks, influencers, youtubers and their world. And, as a result of their work, the problems that are experienced in that world,” explained Levendoğlu. “People have reacted by saying, ‘We were looking for something different and this show has it.'”

The plot also has another distinctive element: it brings to the forefront the treatment that society has of the character of the protagonist’s father’s disability, who has the mentality of a five-year-old child and cannot fend for himself.

Along with That Girl, KDI highlights during this Miami event the titles Three Sisters, in its second season, and the daily series Amor y esperanza.

These titles complement KDI’s extensive library: “A lot of content is in demand,” said the executive. “The buyers want us to send them everything we have available and they are doing the same with all the Turkish companies.”

In terms of co-productions, Levendoğlu pointed out that the most sought-after model is not necessarily a co-production -with the parties actively participating in the process-, due to the language barrier and long distances, but rather alliances, such as the one achieved with Atresmedia TV and Boomerang TV for Alba, the Spanish remake of Fatmagul.

“There are many co-production models, we look for alliances”, emphasized the executive. “They are productions that are made only in Turkey, in America or Spain, as is the case with Alba. We are looking to see what we can do with the majors in Latin America and Spain.”