Mexican productions such as Rebelde and La Rosa de Guadalupe, the Argentinian El payaso Plim Plim, and the local production stand out as the only Hispanic titles in Parrot Analytics’ ranking of the most popular series in the country.

One of the most successful series in the history of Netflix, Stranger Things was also crowned one of the audience’s favorites in Latin America and Ecuador is no exception, where the science fiction series leads the latest weekly ranking of most demanded series by Parrot Analytics.

In the week from July 31 to August 6, the series registered 15.23 times more demand than the average series, leading the general and digital rankings.

On the digital side, the sci-fi series is followed in second place by The Boys, from Amazon Prime Video (5.25x), with Netflix’s Mexican title, Rebelde, closing the podium (4.7x) and standing out as the only Hispanic one on the list.

The list is completed by Pretty Little Liars (fourth, 4.3x), The Umbrella Academy (fifth, 3.9x), Moon Knight (sixth, 3.5x), The Sandman (seventh, 2.7x), The Mandalorian (eighth , 2.5x), Cobra Kai (9th, 1.7x), and Daredevil (10th, 1.6x).

On the general ranking side, the list is led by Stranger Things, followed by the children’s series SpongeBob SquarePants (13.7x) and PAW Patrol (12.7x).

In fourth place is the Ecuadorian production,, with 12.1 times more demand, followed by the Mexican La Rosa de Guadalupe (12x) and the Argentine El payaso Plim Plim (11.7x), standing out as the only three Hispanic titles in the list.

The general list is completed by Better Call Saul (seventh, 11.4x), Masha and the Bear (eighth, 10.8x), and the My Little Pony saga, Friendship is Magic (ninth, 10.49x) and Equestria Girls (10 .46x).